Underwriting is an extremely important and sensitive step in the process of securing insurance coverage. Where many see it only as a process in which an insurance carrier assesses the risk of insuring a client’s life, we view underwriting as an opportunity to advocate on behalf of our clients by presenting the risk effectively to the carrier, negotiating to maximize value, and creating a clear path to policy placement.

Our firm’s underwriting expertise—as well as our commitment to placing high quality business—plays a critical role in our ability to offer high quality underwriting support and service. We understand the complexities of the process and have resources with underwriting expertise in a variety of areas, including exam results, case presentation, carrier negotiations, and capacity management on larger cases.

As a Member Firm of the M Financial Group, we have access to a variety of underwriting resources that enhance our efforts. M Financial is a leader in delivering product differentiation to clients while also sharing our focus on process differentiation. This allows us to have a direct and significant impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the work we do for clients. Further, M Financial is the only independent distribution system that invests its own capital in the business placed by M Member Firms through reinsurance. Each year, M Financial Re—M Financial’s wholly owned reinsurance operation—allocates approximately $50 million to reinsuring new business. Sharing risk aligns our interests with those of the carrier, facilitating a risk assessment process designed to help maximize value for the client.

The following is an overview of the key components of our underwriting approach, which continues to differentiate us in the marketplace.


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