Life insurance is complicated, and client’s needs often change over time and new products may be more suitable to meet the client’s goal. Our clients benefit from periodic Life Insurance Portfolio Reviews which provides much needed clarity and understanding.

A Life Insurance Portfolio Review is a thorough, unbiased written description and assessment of a policy owner’s existing life insurance portfolio. Life Insurance Portfolio Reviews assess:

  • Client’s needs and objectives
  • In-force policy performance versus original expectations
  • Carrier financial strength, ratings, and outlook
  • If the client’s underwriting classification can be improved
  • If a more suitable product exists to achieve the client’s objectives
  • What actions can be taken to bring the current portfolio in line with objectives

The typical Life Insurance Portfolio Review is fee-based and takes 4-8 weeks to complete. If the client determines that the purchase of new life insurance is suitable, they may or may not choose to purchase the insurance through Greenberg, Wexler & Eig. Either way, we will communicate our recommendations and observations to the client’s advisors and answer any questions they may have while acquiring the new policies.