M Financial is the only independent distribution network that invests its own capital in the business placed by Member Firms. Each year, M Financial Re—M Financial’s wholly owned reinsurance operation—invests upwards of $50 million in the high quality business placed by Member Firms, which allows M Financial to effectively track experience while monitoring changes in policyholder interest. Sharing risk with Carriers also aligns the interests of M Financial and our Carrier Partners, which facilitates the development—and ongoing management—of proprietary products designed for high net worth clients.


Our firm’s underwriting expertise, as well as the high quality of the business placed by M Member Firms, plays a critical role in our ability to offer high quality underwriting support and service. We understand the complexities of the process and also have access to the expertise of other Member Firms and M Financial. The M Financial underwriting team has decades of experience in overcoming challenges in the risk assessment process. Combining this knowledge helps us facilitate competitive underwriting offers, while simplifying the underwriting experience for our clients.


The combination of expertise, relationships, and a shared commitment to collaboration allows Greenberg, Wexler & Eig to negotiate effectively on behalf of our clients. The volume of M Member Firm business as well as superior mortality, persistence, and expense experience, help give us credibility and clout. Placing quality business is a priority for our firm, and this alignment of interests with M Carriers help to enhance the value we deliver to clients.

In-force Management

M Financial is committed to in-force management. As a pioneer of the concept that existing clients should be treated just as well as future clients, the improved experience emerging from M Financial’s proprietary products since 1996 has fuelled 35 in-force price improvements and more than $150 million in post-purchase cost reductions for Member Firm clients. Simply put, when it comes to in-force management and product, few other organizations provide this level of service to their clients.


We are fortunate to have access to the intellectual capital of partner M Member Firms in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This network provides Greenberg, Wexler & Eig with the opportunity to share ideas and concepts with some of the best minds in the industry and use these collaborative findings with the clients and advisors we serve.