Greenberg, Wexler & Eig is committed to a lifetime of service.

We are consistently in contact with our clients, reminding them of premium payments, making them aware of opportunities for their current policies, and letting them know if their policies are performing as planned. We proactively monitor our clients’ insurance portfolios to help them navigate the changes that can impact policy performance.

As an M Financial member firm, our clients have benefited from M’s commitment to inforce management. As a pioneer of the concept that existing clients should be treated just as well as future clients, M’s in-force management is based on the belief that performance and cost should be measured over the life of the policy, not with an initial illustration or first-year premium. This commitment to preserving the effectiveness and efficiency of M exclusive products has resulted in 54 re-pricings for both new and in-force policies. Since 1996, upwards of $200 million of cost reductions have been passed along to M Member Firm clients. Exclusive products are a significant component of M Financial’s success. Available exclusively through M Member Firms, M exclusive products are designed and priced using M Financial’s unique mortality, persistency, and face amount experience.1

Insurance can be complicated and it’s important to have advisors who are committed to seeing your insurance objectives through from design to claim. At Greenberg, Wexler & Eig, we believe exceptional service should be standard.


1  Power of M