Sell Your Life Insurance Policy
for Four Times the Cash Value

You spent decades working hard and managing your finances. You did not find success by leaving money on the table. You are counting on your financial or estate planner to optimize your earnings. But they may not be accounting for one of your highest-value assets.

If you have a life insurance policy with a benefit value of over $500k, there’s a good chance you’re eligible to sell your policy. And there’s a completely safe way to do this that maximizes your return.

At Life Settlements by Greenberg, Wexler & EIG, we set up an auction with up to thirty licensed and state-approved funds competing for a chance to buy your policy. We’ll bring you the highest bid.

  • If you don’t like the offer, refuse it, and you pay nothing.
  • Accept the offer and receive your check.

We work on a transparent, contingency basis- half the industry standard. So we are incentivized to get you the best offer possible. Most of our customers sell their policies for over four times the cash value their insurers offer. That’s often enough to fund a dream vacation or fund a grand kids college education.

Your life insurance policy is an asset you own and have every legal right to sell. Contact your financial or estate planner today and ask them to contact Life Settlements by GWE for a free assessment and stop contributing to an underperforming policy.

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