National Save for Retirement Week

It’s National Save for Retirement week! Along with life insurance, disability, and long-term care plans, we are also in the business of retirement plans. I want to take this moment and highlight some resources we have available for you regarding retirement plans.

For more information on what we do to help you with your retirement goals, go here.

We also have some great calculators on our website. They include:

We also have economic newsletters and just came out with 2014’s Q3 newsletter.

Lastly, I just read an article on USA Today that discusses how middle-class adults have $20K saved for retirement. They list the findings of a new study that was conducted by Harris Poll for Wells Fargo.

Take this moment to think about whether you’re doing enough to prepare for your retirement.

Planning Retirement in a Rising Tax Environment

Francis J. Lojewski wrote an article for The Wealth Channel® Magazine’s Spring 2014 edition titled, “Planning Retirement in a Rising Tax Environment“. In his article, Frank discusses challenges that retirees face and steps that may prove helpful for your clients and practice. The actual article seen from The Wealth Channel® can be found here.

Francis is a partner of Atlas Advisory Group, LLC, an M Member Firm.

Life Insurance Product Trends for the Ultra-Affluent Market

Wayne Tonning from M Financial Group wrote an article for The Wealth Channel Magazine titled, “Life Insurance Product Trends for the Ultra-Affluent Market: What’s Selling and Why.” In this article, he provides insight on what is trending for life insurance products by discussing specific products, historical market trends, and why certain product may or may not be attractive to ultra-affluent buyers.

Wayne Tonning is the Director of Product Management, Sales Support, and Advanced Market Insights at M Financial Group.