Passion-based Marketing

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Wealth Channel Magazine recently published an article by Scott Greenberg titled Passion-based Marketing. In the article, Scott explains how you can turn your passion for something into a lucrative business opportunity. For example, Scott used his love for wine and hockey to connect with people on a personal level, building long lasting friendships with these individuals. With time, these well-established personal relationships grew into successful trusting business relationships, and vice versa.

In a business where your success is based on your clients, Scott realized he needed to find a better way to grow his clientele. That’s when he decided to drop the old school way of cold calling and try something more innovative and enjoyable - sharing his interests with others and finding that common ground to foster a relationship. Scott emphasizes that when you possess a passion for something, sharing that love and knowledge for it makes the marketing side of business relatively fun and effortless. Marketing becomes more of an engaging conversation rather than a pushy sales call. He credits the majority of his success to using this technique, stating that for him it has become a profession of turning friends into clients, clients into friends, and helping those friends solve problems. In the end it’s a win-win.

To get a deeper understanding of Scott's "cutting edge" passion-based marketing technique, click here to read the full article.