Digital Archiving Enters New Realms

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

By Cassi

Purchasing life insurance policies, drafting a will or an estate plan and securing your family’s financial well-being in the event you pass are some of the smartest things you can do. Nobody likes confronting the harsh truth that we won’t always be around to provide for our loved ones, but it is a fate you can protect against with proper planning and guidance. But what about everything else? Account numbers and passwords to pay bills, the deed to the house, keys to the safe deposit box, or the actual will itself, if these items cannot be located it makes life for your loved ones a little more challenging after you’re gone.

Everplans, a start-up company co-founded by Abby Schneiderman, has developed a digital archiving system to safeguard against these overlooked details. Everything from contact information for the gardener, to directions on how to care for pets, to treasured family recipes passed down for generations, all this “mundane” information, that seems to slip through the cracks when planning for life-after-death of a loved one, is gathered and stored in an online archive. Not to forget about all of the important materials, which are stored in the archives as well, such as copies of your will, health derivatives, beneficiaries and power of attorney. The client decides the amount and type of date collected so it can be as abundant or scarce as they wish.

The whole idea behind this product is making pertinent information readily accessible to the client, advisor and eventually deputy - the person you designate access to your archive - once you pass. It puts everything in one organized place, eliminating the stress and run around.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the product and the need for it, visit CNBC.